I specialize in creating custom one-of-a-kind clothing and costume pieces for clients of all sizes and genders.

Are you stuck in fast fashion cycle, buying things that don’t quite or fit or are only kinda-sorta-close to what you actually want, and then donating them and buying more not-quite-right things?

Have you been lusting after a particular piece or style that you just can’t find in a store, or doesn’t come in your size, or only exists in your imagination?

Do you have an exciting big event coming up but can’t find anything that feels like “your style” to wear?

Are you working on a creative project that requires a very unique costume or piece of clothing?

Let’s see if I can help you bring your vision to life!

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How to work with me

Design Philosophy

I have over a decade of professional experience as a patternmaker and sewist. Throughout my career I have been passionate about steering the fashion industry away from its wasteful, profit-at-all-cost status quo and back toward the creative process that enables local artisans to build skills and thrive. 

As it stands, the fashion industry exploits labor and environment, and leaves many of us feeling unworthy of beautiful things or ashamed of our bodies which refuse to conform to arbitrary standards of size or proportion. When I sought a master’s in sex education, I knew that I wanted to bring the lessons I learned there about consent, bodily autonomy, and body diversity into the realm of fashion.

I care deeply about the client experience. This is not at all like walking into a store and browsing for something “close enough” to what you want or need. I will work closely with you to create the exact thing you want, that looks and feels great on your body, and fits you better than anything you could find in a store. For clients with non-standard proportions or larger bodies, this can be an especially affirming and transformational experience! Plus you will know that you are supporting a garment worker (me!) making a living wage, and getting to enhance and perfect my craft with your patronage.

Project Selection

I am currently seeking projects with a minimum 1-2 month lead time in the following categories:

nontraditional wedding attire

softgoods for cosplay


one-of-a-kind pieces for live performances or videos

clothing for special occasions or events

clothing for people with disabilities or sensory needs

colorful bras, underwear, & swimsuits


button-front shirts

really cool jackets

Outside of scope: the following are categories of projects that I currently DO NOT have the capacity to take on:

tents, sails, and other large outdoor equipment

mass-production of any kind

baby clothes and childrenswear

upholstery (couches, chairs, etc.)

quilts and duvets

structured/felted hats

shoe repair

bulk-sewing for other designers

military uniforms

school uniforms

leather goods

highly structured bags

hand-knitted pieces

intricate featherwork, beadwork, and embroidery


Submit an inquiry via the form below.

If I am able to take on your project, I will provide an estimate in response to your inquiry. If I am unable to take on your project, I will let you know.

If the estimate is agreeable to you, we will meet via video call for a design consultation to discuss the details and next steps. The design consultation fee is $20.00. After our call, I will provide a final quote and invoice for a nonrefundable retainer fee of 50% of the total up front. If you choose to move forward with the project, the design consultation fee will be credited to your final invoice.

Here are some important points to help guide expectations:

I prioritize quality and craftsmanship in my work. 

If possible, I like to conduct at least one fitting partway through the project to make sure that the final product will be a perfect fit. More complex projects may a require a muslin (mock-up) and multiple fittings.

I take care of all fabric and materials sourcing (unless the project dictates otherwise), and the cost of supplies is included in the total cost of the project.


Projects I take on can vary greatly in scope, and prices can vary. However, it’s important to provide a general sense of pricing prior to initiating contact to set expectations. 

The following is a rough estimate of the minimum cost associated with particular garments and services:

Underwear: $90+

Basic knit garments (tee shirts, tank tops, leggings): $150+

Structured bras & swimwear: $350+

Skirts, casual pants, sundresses: $400+

Menswear-style shirts: $450+

Jeans, trousers, jumpsuits: $600+

Jackets, outerwear, tailored blazers: $1200+

Formal dresses: $1500+

Cosplay (softgoods only): $1500+

For projects over $400, zero-interest payment plans are available on request. Otherwise all projects are split into a 50% retainer fee and a 50% final charge upon completion.