solarpunk: Solarpunk is an artistic movement that envisions what the future might look like if humanity solved major modern challenges like climate change, and created more sustainable and balanced societies. As a genre and cultural aesthetic, it encompasses literature, visual art, fashion, video games, architecture, and more (source: Solarpunk Magazine).

atelier (pronounced ah-telly-YAY): A workshop or studio, especially for an artist or designer (source: Merriam Webster)

Nice to meet you!

Spokes & Stitches is a slow fashion atelier located in South Philadelphia. I specialize in creating custom one-of-a-kind clothing and costume pieces for clients of all sizes and genders. I first started sewing and designing my own clothes as a teen because it gave me a feeling of complete autonomy over how I looked. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Pratt Institute, and spent a decade freelancing as a patternmaker and stitcher alongside a full-time job in art school admissions. I also tutored fashion students at top New York City design schools, and lectured on patternmaking and portfolio development at art colleges in New York and Philadelphia. 

I left higher education in 2020 to pursue my creative design work full-time. Spokes & Stitches started as an indie sewing pattern company that offered gender-neutral patterns graded in a unique way to fit different body proportions. As a petite-plus, agender person, I wanted to explore the ways that I could explode the conventions around standard sizing and gender. In 2022, I expanded Spokes & Stitches to include custom clothing and costume design. 

Spokes & Stitches is a grand experiment to see if I can manifest my vision of a world where much of our clothing is custom-made by creative people who are fairly compensated for their time and skill, where body shape and size is morally neutral, and gender has nothing to do with what we wear. I hope that Spokes & Stitches can serve as a beacon in the movement toward a slow fashion future in which we all consume less, focusing on quality over quantity, and prioritizing expert craftsmanship.

Thanks for being here.

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