Hello there! I'm Ruby.

I run a slow fashion atelier out of a former corner deli in South Philadelphia. I specialize in creating custom one-of-a-kind clothing and costume pieces for clients of all sizes and genders.

I envision a world where our clothing is custom-made by creative people who make a living wage and enjoy making it, where body shape and size is morally neutral, and gender has nothing to do with what we wear.

Spokes & Stitches is an experiment in the movement toward a slow fashion future in which we all consume less, focusing on quality over quantity, and prioritizing expert craftsmanship.

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I design sewing patterns, too!

Make your own clothing and accessories with beginner-friendly PDF sewing patterns.

Spokes & Stitches garment patterns are drafted across a wide size range (30"-75" hip) for two gender-neutral fits, called linear and dynamic. All sizes and both fits are included in each sewing pattern download.

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