Hi there, I’m Ruby!

Ruby holds an iron and a plastic ruler in front of a rack of colorful thread mounted on the wall behind her.

I have designed and sewn my own clothing since I was a teenager, and earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion design at a top New York City art school. After graduating, I struggled to find my place in the fashion industry; toxic workplace culture, fatphobia, and labor exploitation seemed to haunt every corner of the business. I ended up working in higher education administration, freelancing as a sewist-for-hire, and also tutoring fashion students in NYC on the side. I later moved to Philadelphia and went on to earn a master’s degree in human sexuality education. 


As a petite-plus-size nonbinary sewist and designer, I have never been able to find ready-to-wear clothing that fit well or felt exactly like what I wanted to wear. I’ve been designing much of my own wardrobe for years, and only recently began to see the possibility of returning to home sewing as a friendlier, lower-pressure facet of the apparel industry. 


I am currently working on digitizing and grading some of my favorite self-drafted designs for other sewists to enjoy!