• A Spring Sabbatical

    Over the past month, I’ve been battling a wave of fatigue. It’s taken me a while to recognize it for what it is: burnout. That is why I’ve decided to take a sabbatical from now until mid-June. I’m hoping to use this time off to practice living with a different mindset. A trial run to see if I can trust my creative voice to provide for me when the capitalist one isn’t around.

  • Common misconceptions about designing for size & gender diversity

    In trying to come up with an alternative to gendered standard sizing, I did lots of research to see how others were approaching this design challenge. There were very few resources out there, and the few companies committed to inclusive design were not sharing much about their technical, grading, and fitting processes. Having an educational and professional background in both fashion design AND human sexuality education has given me a unique perspective that I am eager to share with other designers and fashion industry professionals.